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Tuesday, November 21, 2006


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My favorite coffee shop in Los Angeles is Pann's. Besides having delicious food, architecturally it's one of the few "Googie" style coffee shops left in Los Angeles. The architecture team of Armet and Davis designed this coffee shop, among others (Denny's, Ship's, Norm's, Bob's Big Boy, etc.). The second generation owner of Pann's, Jim Poulos, totally renovated Pann's a few years back to it's original 1958 glory, even replicating the landscaping from the 50's.

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I've never been disappointed with a meal at Pann's. The breakfasts are legendary. I often have the salmon patties with spinach, topped with poached eggs and hollandaise sauce, accompanied by fluffy biscuits. Larry is a devotee of their waffles. Needless to say, this is NOT a dieter's delight. Pann's has good, old-fashioned coffee shop food. They use excellent quality ingredients, service is great and the atmosphere is classic.
We were there last Friday night for dinner and saw a few neighbors from our Wilshire Vista neighborhood. They were having burgers. Larry had the babyback ribs. I had the fried chicken. They were out of mac 'n cheese, so I had the baked yam with my chicken. Everything was perfectly divine.

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Babybacks w/baked beans, corn & stringbeans, cornbread

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Fried chicken w/ yam, spinach, cornbread

I know people talk about the fried chicken at Roscoe's and Dinah's, but for me, the fried chicken at Pann's is by far the best. Often on a Friday, we'll have the bouillabaise. This is not a tomato based soup, it's chicken based, filled with fresh salmon, shrimp and other fish and veggies. Yummmmm.....I want some right now!

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Pann's Classic 50's Interior

Hmmm? Wonder if they'll have turkey, stuffing and cranberry sauce this weekend?
Pann's, 6710 La Tijera Blvd. @ the intersection of La Cienega & Centinela, Ladera Hts.


At 6:20 PM , Anonymous Christine G. said...

Oh man, all this food looks delish! I am doing the vegan Thankgiving again this year. But I would surely love to celebrate the season sometime at Pann's.


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