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Friday, May 09, 2008

La Maria Restaurant

Last Saturday, before attending an art opening at L'Imagerie Gallery in North Hollywood we had dinner at La Maria Colombian Restaurant with our friends, Christine and Michael. None of us had dined at this place before, but it is conveniently located across the street from the Gallery, so we decided to take a chance.
La Maria's was great! The food was fresh and innovative. The service was good. From the exterior, this place looks like just another latin hole-in-the-wall. The interior is painted with colorful murals; it's clean and inviting. In addition to the Colombian and Mexican specialities, they also serve fruit smoothies, beer and wine, including a fruit-filled sangria.
Christine had a large bowl of chicken soup and an arepa on the side. Michael had the tlapia. Larry had carne asada and I had the cazuela de mariscos. Everything was simply delicious. I would definitely make a return trip to La Maria's even if we don't have an art opening to attend!

Caldo de Pollo, Arepa con Queso y Arroz

Tlapia con ensalada y arroz

Carne Asada con Platanos, ensalada, frijoles y arroz

Creamy Cazuela de Mariscos con platanos, arroz y un ensalada


La Maria, 10516 Victory Blvd., No. Hollywood, 818/755-8811

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