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Thursday, February 01, 2007


I'm not one to buy into the latest yogurt craze. Yeah sure, I like soft-serve, I like ice-cream, I even like store-bought flavored yogurt in plastic cups. When Pinkberry hit town, everyone went crazy! It seems that Pinkberry frozen yogurt is devoid of fat, so it's perfect for all of the calorie counters in L.A. The first shop was opened in West Hollywood on a semi-residential street. You can read about it here.

There are two Pinkberry flavors: Plain and green tea. I've yet to try the green tea. I visited the Larchmont Pinkberry last Saturday afternoon. I was in the area, I wanted a treat, the line was short. I ordered a small, plain flavor with chocolate chip topping. If I didn't like the sour yogurt, at least I'd like the chips. To my surprise, it was yummy. There's something about the cool tartness of the creamy frozen yogurt that's addicting. I was supremely satisfied.
Cool Accessories @ Every Pinkberry Shop
Today, I thought I'd like to get another Pinkberry at lunchtime....5 days since my last taste. My cube-mate, Jessica informed me of a few other locations on the Westside. There's one in Westwood Village and a hidden one in the Olympic Collection at Olympic and Sawtelle. That was it! I zoomed over to Sawtelle from my east Santa Monica office at 1pm. I parked easily on the street. The store was EMPTY!!! I picked up a small with granola and chips for me and another small with raspberries for Jessica. You should have seen the glow in her eyes when I came back to the office.
Pinkberry on Larchmont
One more great thing about the Sawtelle Pinkberry, I noticed it's high-fat, high sugar competition right across the street......there's a branch of Beard Papa on Sawtelle, but that's another story for another day!

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