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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Guatemala Restaurant

On Saturday night we visited Guatemala Restaurant with Beth, Larry A., Natalie and Joe. I must say, it was excellent! Larry U. and I had eaten there to check it out last week and were pleasantly surprised.
Guatemala is in a mini-mall at Union St. and 8th St., just west of downtown. They do not serve alcohol, but they have tons of fresh fruit drinks, soft drinks and killer fresh lemonade.
On our first visit, Larry had a relleno stuffed with ground chicken and cheese, served with a red sauce. I had the pollo frito (fried chicken). Both dishes were served with a small salad, delicious yellow rice and freshly made corn tortillas.
Polo Frito
On Saturday each of us ordered something different. All dishes were wonderfully prepared and delectable. None of the sauces are super hot, but they do have a bite. With our limited Spanish, we were able to understand most of the menu. However, the waitress was very helpful in explaining all of the cooking processes and food choices. The prices are quite reasonable. For six people, the bill came to just over $75, not including tax and tip. We'll be visiting Guatemala again!

Camarones con Peppers y Cebollo

Grilled Tlapia

Beef con Peppers y cebollo

Steak with Frijoles, Platanos Fritos

Carne Asada

Marinated Pork

Fresh Corn Tortillas

Larry and colorful interior of Guatemala Restaurant

Beth and Larry A.

Joe and Natalie

Guatemala Restaurant, 743 S Union Ave., Los Angeles, (213) 483-4503


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