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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Normandie Bakery

I suppose the Normandie Bakery got it's name because they specialize in Normandie style French baked goods and pate'. It's not on Normandie Avenue. It's on the corner of Jefferson and Cochran in an industrial section of L.A. There are only a few tables outside, no room to eat inside. The building is taken up by a huge kitchen and small retail sale area.
I often stop by here for a quick sandwich when I'm out and about shopping on Saturdays. This past Saturday, Larry was free to go with me. We had a delicious smoked turkey sandwich with brie. The Normandie serves breakfast and lunch Monday thru Saturday. I've seen many restauranteers coming here to purchase their French bread and pastries. We have tasted their croissants and cookies too. Extremely delicious. Must try the pate' next time!

Normandie Country Bakery, 3022 Cochran Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90016 (corner of Jefferson) Tel: (323) 939 5528, Fax: (323) 939 0424


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