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Monday, April 27, 2009

Golden State

The Golden State Restaurant, Fairfax Ave.,
across from Canter's Deli

On Friday, Larry and I went to The Golden State for dinner. This sandwich and burger place is on Fairfax Ave., right across the street from Canter's Delicatessan. It's in the space formerly occupied by the Nova Express.
Golden State's menu is simple, just sandwiches, burgers and hot dogs. They have a nice selection of beer, wine and designer soft drinks. They also serve SCOOPS ice cream and gelato.
We'd heard alot about the burgers, so that's what we ordered. With your burger you can choose one side dish. I ordered the sweet potato fries and Larry ordered the regular fries. The burgers, fries and drinks were all fantastic. The hamburger bun was a very soft, eggbread roll. The burger comes with cheese, bacon, arugula with a marvelous dressing.
We arrived early for a Friday, around 6:30 p.m. by 7pm, the place was packed! The seating area is not large, but you could easily get your burger or sandwich to go.

Interior, The Golden State

We will definitely return to The Golden State! An added bonus is walking around on Fairfax Avenue. to check out the hipster shops, grocery stores, thrift shops. My favorite sign, below of the Marilyn/Spock over an old-fashioned beauty salon. Cool.

Marilyn / Spock


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