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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Henry's Tacos

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I recently found out about this 1960's taco stand in North Hollywood. I was visiting the Yarn Garden on Tujunga and had to park a few blocks away. Henry's Tacos is on the corner of Moorpark and Tujunga. I love the retro signage and cool mid-century shape of the taco stand.

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I just had to try one of the tacos. Yup. L.A. - Mexican-style food from 1961. That's what they serve at Henry's. There are only a few choices...tacos, burritos, tostados, beans, rice and hamburgers. All menu items used the seasoned ground meat as their base. It's delicious in a home-taco-night sorta' way. This place will take you back a few decades, when the taco was considered exotic. I had one crunchy taco and an orange drink. The perfect snack!

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Next door to Henry's is another cool looking old place with killer retro signage called The Star Lite Room. Must check that place out when I have an escort!

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At 12:48 PM , Anonymous Christine G. said...

OOh yea, Henry's is good. I used to get a burrito on the way to choir, when I had to drive from S.M. 5:30 and choir practice was at 6:30 in Burbank. Now I have no good excuse to go over there...oh I know, becasue it's good!!!


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