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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Versailles Cuban Restaurant

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If you've lived in Los Angeles for even one year, you already know about the Cuban restaurant, Versailles. There are several locations around town. We frequent the one on La Cienega, just south of Pico. I've been going to Versailles for over 30 years. The original L.A. location is on Venice Blvd. at Motor Ave. in Palms. I remember when they opened, we all flocked there for the inexpensive Cuban chicken, laced with a citrus marinade, garlic and smothered in onions. They still serve the exact same chicken recipe, with plaintains, rice and black beans on the side. It's delicious.

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Famoso Pollo Versailles...lots of onions!
The Cuban chicken is so delicious and garlicky, that we rarely try anything else at Versailles. Last night we met our friends Laurie and Curt at the La Cienega branch. Laurie ordered the grilled salmon filet. I decided to try it too. It was fabulous. They use the same citrus, garlic and butter marinade for the fish as they do for the chicken...all of the sides are the same, except you also get a little salad. Finding something green at Versailles is a challenge. They're heavy on the carbs and protein here. Curt had the Carne con Papas which is beef chunks and potatoes cooked in a tomato-base, also served with plaintains, rice and beans. Mr. Larry went for the classic Famoso Pollo Versailles (chicken). I've yet to try any of the desserts here. We're always stuffed after the big portions.

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Filete de Salmon a la Parilla

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Carne con Papas

Everything was excellent and served quickly. Versailles is always busy, but the place is large so there's rarely a wait during the week. The prices are reasonable too, for the amount of food you're offered.

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Mr. Larry, Laurie and Curt

Remember, you can't eat atmosphere, so don't expect a fancy dining room!
Versailles Cuban Restaurant
Various Locations


At 5:06 PM , Blogger mary said...

Oh Ellen, this is the next best thing to eating there. I can almost taste the cuban pork, rice beans and plaintain. Thanks for satisfying my Versaille craving!

At 10:44 PM , Blogger LA City Nerd said...

Their fruit shakes/smoothies are good, too!


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