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Thursday, May 28, 2009

El Pueblo Viejo

Why haven't I been to El Pueblo Viejo? It's a mystery to me. I've been driving past this place for over 30 years! It's on my way to and from everywhere!
I must have read a blurb on this American-style Mexican restaurant online or in some newspaper recently, because I'd written the address down and put it in my purse. On Saturday night, Larry and I drove over there. It's right across the street from Sony Studios, just east of Motor Avenue. The surrounding businesses are car repair places or other small industrial shops. This is NOT the trendy end of Culver City!
Chile Relleno Plate

Machaca and Scrambled Eggs

El Pueblo Viejo is just my kind of place for old-fashioned, yellow-cheesed up Mexican food. The food is fresh, predictable and tasty...definitely NOT nouvelle. The portions are large and the prices are small. The atmosphere is old-time L.A. funky. It's a very comfortable place with friendly service. At 7pm on a Saturday night there were only about 4 other people in the place. El Pueblo Viejo's decor is typical of vintage, family-run restaurants in old L.A. Indoor-outdoor carpet, red leather booths, Mexican murals on the wall, lit beer signs and excellent accoustics...certainly nothing fancy. Remember, you cannot eat atmosphere!Parking was easy, right in front and free. Thank you. This is now my favorite classic,go-to Mexican restaurant on the Westside. See you there!
Pueblo Viejo, (310) 842-9733, 10309 Washington Blvd Culver City, CA 90232


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